Hernando Half Cent

Citizens' Involvement


As described in Hernando County Ordinance No: 2022-06, passage of the half-cent sales tax will include the establishment of a Citizen Oversight Committee. Ordinance No: 2022-06 Section 9. Citizen Oversight, states:

A. The Board shall establish an oversight committee to provide for citizen review of its expenditures of the surtax proceeds, as soon as reasonably possible after the effective date of the surtax, but not later than March 1, 2023. If the Board does not create an oversight committee by March 2, 2023, the County’s existing Economic Development & Airport Technical Advisory Committee shall perform the duties of the oversight committee. 

B. The oversight committee shall serve as an advisory and reporting body to the Board. 

C. The oversight committee shall provide an annual report to the Board on the County’s expenditure of surtax proceeds no later than December 31st of each calendar year, (with the first report due on December 31, 2024) in which surtax proceeds are expended. 

D. The oversight committee, its members and all its proceedings shall be governed by and comply with all applicable laws, including without limitation (1) the Florida Government in the Sunshine Law, Chapter 286, Florida Statutes, (2) the Florida Public Records Law, Chapter 119, Florida Statutes, and (3) the Florida Public Ethics Code, Chapter 112, Florida Statutes.


After the passage of the Half-Cent Sales Tax, Eligible Voting Citizens of Hernando County may apply to serve on the Citizen Oversight Committee.

Citizens who seek to become members of the Citizens’ Oversight Committee can apply online or in person after the passage of the Half-Cent Sales Tax.

After the passage of the Half-Cent Sales Tax, Citizens’ Can apply:

Online: Visit the Hernando County Official Government website at www.HernandoCounty.us to download an application. 


In-Person: Applications can be found at the Hernando County Human Resources Department located at 15470 Flight Path Drive Brooksville Florida, 34604.